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Art Materials Shootout: Paper Products $

How’s that for a dynamic title? Seriously: I’m almost 42 and I’ve never priced out That With Which I Wipe Paint Off…and maybe you haven’t either…

Two of the cheapest paper towel rolls I could find at Rite Aid were $1.00 and $1.30 for about 42 square feet of 1-ply paper. But I bought the 500-pack of “Mardi Gras” napkins instead. Here’s why:

The cheap napkins cost $5.00. Each (open) napkin is a square foot, so that’s 500 sq feet of paper for 5 bux. In their naturally folded state, they’re still a useful 6×6″–plus, they’re 4-ply that way. And there are still 500 of them.

500 square feet of the *cheapest* paper towels costs double that. Get into Bounty, or what have you, and it gets to around 6 times.

From now on, it’s napkins for Nicky.