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My Painting, Lately…

I’ve been surprising even myself.

Over the past two years, I’ve been in a deep…re-development/re-imagining/re-birth of my painting. For a number of years prior, painting was not fun and there was something wrong. It got so bad that I actually stopped painting for a period. I got SO sick and tired of my Bullshit. This BS mainly consisted of old bad habits, using shopworn techniques to achieve various effects–and the Big One–a deadly melange of weak and delayed/procrastinatory decision-making.

I’ll explain: the Delayed Decision problem grew out of a seeming plus (which is why I held on to it for so long). I was a pretty darn good painter, and I know my techniques. But I’d be painting, and then I’d start to play Chess with my process–trying to set myself up for future sessions. I’d know what I wanted to do in a week, month, or year in terms of what (color, value, focus-level) had to get laid down in order to paint over it, edge it, or glaze it. This meant that I was constantly doing these tiny little things that almost wouldn’t qualify as decisions, and that meant nothing ever got done-done.

I realized this, and tried to fix it in the manner I *was* painting–and thought I was getting somewhere–but nope. Same problems, same crap. Same No Paintings Done.

Other problems I had with my painting: I *really* disliked my oil paint application in numerous places. I could be the Scumble King, taking a pea-sized dab of paint and fill in a billboard with it. Or (looking back at direct-from-life paintings) I magically transported paint, via brush to the canvas. By some Feat of the Imagination, I managed to skip from viewing a subject (and choosing a paint value/color) to having it be on the canvas…with no thought as to the *application* of the paint, whatsoever. The paint was just kind of “there”.

Last problem: I always felt that, in my main oil works, there was a disconnect from all the other stuff I was doing (drawing, inkwork, etc). As I feel the oils are my main thing, this was always a conundrum for me. That needed fixing, too.

I have to go paint now, but in my next post I’ll reveal how I fixed these things. Let me just leave of by saying: it was incredibly difficult on a number of levels, it almost never happened…and, Hells’ Bells, am I glad I did.

A snippet of a new painting in the works...


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