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Waldorf Clouds 2 : An “Oil Landscape Painting in Progress” Image Time Line

Waldorf, Maryland : Clouds 2 (oil painting in progress)

An "Oil Painting in Progress" : Sunset Clouds in a Landscape; Waldorf, Maryland

A “Painting in Progress” image time line: To keep my sensibilities freshy-fresh (and to explore the medium), I keep a couple of small paintings in ongoing States of Becoming. They’ll let me know when I’ve had enough–if ever.

These represent a sort of external “painting id” to balance out the constantly preening (and suffocating) “painting superego”: I allow myself to try anything that comes to mind, I allow myself to unapologetically suck, and I *force* myself to sacrifice passages that I like, in the service of learning to Let Go. Honest to God, they’re tough on me–even knowing I’m not supposed to “produce” with these, I still get angry when nothing works.

This one got so thick with paint that I sanded it down several sessions ago (after which, of course, the surface became a glassy nightmare of paint non-adhesion). A half-dry coat of retouch varnish made it paintable again, and it’s odd little challenges like that that often pay dividends.


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