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Welcome to “Nick Rusko-Berger’s Art, Thoughts, and Tips”!

Yep, I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time…and now seems to be The Time.

In this Blog, I’ll be showing my art, paintings, drawings, photography, and prints for sale, as well as talking about my philosophies, critiquing images, sharing my processes, and giving tips about various media and techniques.

I’m also interested in (whiplash 180, here) Cosmology, Physics, Metaphysics, and Mathematical Concepts–from an interested layman’s POV–so you can expect some of that on occasion, too.

I’m going to show good faith, immediately, and start by giving: my first posts are going to be tips on how to get started in Painting (oil primarily, and occasionally acrylics). They are writings I did as a “primer” series at ConceptArt.org last year.

They are quite specific, and wherever possible, I talk not just about Facts…but about underlying reasons and concepts. This way, you’ll know Why something is–beyond What it is–which will help you understand things and make your own decisions.

I hope you enjoy and find them useful!



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